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this is so clever i love it

this woman is flirting with the personification of death, exactly like the saying ‘flirting with death’, except it’s been made into a visual pun. if you look really really carefully you can even see a random collection of potentially lethal items next to her, perhaps(?) implying that she is endangering her own life by using or being around them. so clever. i love it.

Okay but now you explained it and your explanation makes me want to punch myself. You don’t have to look “really, really” close, those things are in PLAIN, OBVIOUS SIGHT. Bluh.

if you look really really close you can see the woman is having an intimate conversation with this grim reaper figure presumably in a bar or some other drinking establishment with a lit stick of dynamite on the surface next to her. this could possibly be a very very subtle play on the phrase ‘flirting with death’. so clever. i love it.

you are annoying whoever you are thanks for explaining the picture NONE OF US GOT IT

annoying? im trying to help everyone since none of you understood the joke. youve even admitted it. the trick to truly comprehending this very clever image is to try and take in as much of the picture as possible. you need to look very very closely. pay particular attention to the ‘speech bubble’, which can lead one to recall a certain oft used phrase. see if you can work it out ;) ill give you a clue - ‘flirting w _ t _ death’


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